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About Myylo

After several years of hopping from coast to coast, Myylo has laid down new roots in Nashville, Tenessee. And, since having arrived in Music City, he's been hard at work on his debut EP, South. Co-produced by Jon Estes (John Paul White) of The Bomb Shelter and mastered by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff), South is an autobiographical coming of age story set in the American South. Against a soundscape of folk harmony, rich horns, and nylon guitar, our leading man falls for a lackluster blockhead, toils away at an impossible dream, and loses love in a 99 cent store, all before realizing how good he had it back home. 

In the years prior to his lone man Southern migration, Myylo developed his craft in L.A. under the guidance of producer Neff-U (Justin Beiber, Dr. Dre), who had him listening in on sessions with American songwriting greats at Jim Henson Studios. And, later, former Warner Chappell Head of Creative Judy Stakee (Katy Perry, Joy Williams, Raelynn) took him under her wing, helping him to smooth out the edges of his writing. With great teachers behind him and years of writing under his belt, Myylo is excited to present South to the world.